City Council District 15 Case Study

A Message from Joe Buscaino:

I proposed the Safer and Cleaner LA ballot measure because there is a humanitarian crisis unfolding on the streets of Los Angeles every day, and the people need City Hall to take action now. There are several common sense steps we can take to address this crisis and deliver results that people will feel in their everyday lives. I know because I’ve done it: No large homeless encampments exist anywhere in my district. We said YES to solutions, yes to street clean-ups, and YES to connecting unhoused residents to services.  We can abolish all encampments in the City of Los Angeles, except there are those in City leadership who want to create pilot programs, studies, and 7-step processes to get folks off the streets and back on their feet.

Let my council district from Watts to the Waterfront serve as that pilot program, our way works and that’s why I need your help to get the City Council to pass our ballot initiative so we can abolish encampments at our parks, beaches and sidewalks and connect these residents to mental health services, drug rehabilitation and a bed.

However, if they refuse to leave, I believe we need as a last resort, the assistance of law enforcement – it’s what I pushed for in my district and to date, we have not arrested a single person in my district for refusing services.  Faced with the choice between being arrested or having a bed, hot meal and a roof over their head – our unhoused residents they choose the bed.

Sign up and help us clean our streets, reclaim our parks, enjoy our beaches and clear our sidewalks so parents can take their kids to school safely.  Sign up today to help us tell City Council to vote YES on the Buscaino Clean Streets Ballot Initiative.

And if they refuse, we will need your help to collect signatures, we will need volunteers in every corner of the city. Sign up today!


In Council District 15

Wilmington · Watts · San Pedro · Harbor Gateway · Harbor City